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Over the last decade, Powder Coating has over taken wet paint applications
as the finish of choice in the automotive, appliance and furniture industry.
Its durability, fast cure time and consistency in quality are vastly superior
to 'wet finish' paint. A few of the Benefits of Powder Coating

powder coating There are a wide variety of colors and finishes available.
sandblast equipment Powder coat finishes are extremely durable.
sandblasting Powder coating goes on evenly and does not run.
powder coating The process is very affordable

Southwest Sandblasting & Powder Coating offers this service to large
corporations, small business as well as individuals wishing to spruce up
their lawn furniture, tractor parts, auto wheels and other household items
with a durable new finish. We still offer 'wet coat' paint finishing as an option
when size, weight and substrate make up does not lend itself to the powder
coating process.



In a nutshell, we offer sandblasting, powder coating and apply wet paint.
Southwest Sandblasting & Powder Coating serves a wide variety of regional
businesses as well as the individual off the street. We offer a large range
of colors, as well as custom color matching and sand blasting. So, if you
have one part or hundreds of parts, we are your Grand Rapids Sandblasting
and Powder Coating experts.

Sandblasting removes rust, scale, dirt and other old finishes to create the
perfect surface for coating. 90 percent of all parts are sandblasted clean to
create a profile for adhesion before new coating can be applied. Similar services
offering 'washes' prior to coating may look the same, but durability and adhesion
are inferior to sandblasting.

Trailers, machinery and parts that are unable to withstand the baking temperature
of 400 degrees can still be refinished through conventional wet spray process
in our facility. We will use our many years of experience to recommend the
right finish to suit your specific project.

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